Sidescan Overlays

These are sidescan sonar images captured with a Humminbird sidescan sonar and processed with SonarTRX software to generate Google Earth overlays.

To view you will need Google Earth software installed on your computer or Google Earth plugin installed. The preferred viewing method is Google Earth.



Burns Bay (Lane Cove River)

Homebush Bay Shipwrecks

MeadowBank Railway Bridge (Parramatta River)

Neutral Bay (Sydney Harbour)

Marlo (12Aug2012) Jetty to Second Island (145 MB)

Marlo (12Aug2012) Second Island to The Slips (105 MB)

Marlo (12Aug2012) The Slips to beyond Marlo Jetty (101 MB)

Marlo (12Aug2012) First Island to Marlo Jetty (41 MB)



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